“What’s our philosophy of care? Partnership, working with you and for you to meet your health and wellness goals. We take plenty of time to get to know you and learn what you value. We’ll help you explore your options for care and empower you in your decision making. Education is a top priority as we work towards finding integrative solutions. We’re constantly learning too as we stay up to date on evidence based care.

If you are planning your birth and wondering about the details, remember – it’s your birth. This is your one chance to welcome your little one in the way that seems best for your family.

We are your guests. You invite us to provide the professional support and security needed to optimize your well-being and that of your baby.

We’ll be cheerleaders for you and lifeguards too, all the while personalizing your care to avoid unnecessary interventions. We are excited to offer the type of care we desire for our family too.”

— Christina Scribner, APRN, CNM, IBCLC, MSN, Owner

Our Comprehensive Services

We Love our Families, And They Love Us.

We are passionately dedicated to serving local families. When you partner with us to meet your needs and desires, you will benefit from compassionate, individualized care. See what our clients are saying about Copper Creek Midwifery & Family Practice.

You will not find a more diligent, caring and knowledgable team who balances both care for mother and baby with seeking to allow parents the freedom to birth as they desire!

It’s a blessing to have providers like this, willing to labor for their patients in a way we don’t always see anymore. Thankful for Copper Creek!

Jocelyn A.
Christina was wonderful in helping us identify our six month old’s lip and tongue ties.

She took her time with us and was so patient and thoughtful! We will absolutely go back to her for future babies!

Haley T.
Christina was absolutely amazing. She diagnosed my little guy with a tongue tie, had us in the office within a few days. She was available and provided me with so much encouragment through the process even after hours.

My husband and I enjoyed her so much, she is at the top of our list to bring our next baby into this world at home.

Anne L.
I couldn’t say enough positive feedback for the care I received when I was pregnant and during my labor! My first go around with my dd wasn’t at all what I wanted, everything I planned went out window because the providers I had in VA truly didn’t care what I thought. They’re main goal was stick to their birth plan, not mine, and all that mattered was a healthy baby, not our journey. They even had audacity to laugh that I wrote out a birth plan.That being said, I had such an amazing journey with my ds !

Long story short, we moved here when I was already in my third trimester. We wanted a homebirth, but due to unforseen obstacles when we got to KY, it just wasn’t possible. That being said, Christina and her practice still worked with me and we were still able to have such a beautiful birth!!

I was so lucky to be supported with Christina and Sierra while I was birthing at the birthing spa. We managed to follow my birth plan completely, minus the antibiotics for GBS, so that was an all natural, no meds, vaginal birth. They made the ambiance in the hospital perfect, since I didn’t want to feel like I was in the hospital. LED candles, EO, warmth, love, and support! At times when my contractions were unbearable and I wanted to give in, they gave such positive vibes, strength, and support; both emotionally, spiritually, and physically!!

If we decide to have another baby, I will absolutely be choosing copper creek midwifery, and hopefully get our homebirth ! smile emoticon
I can’t believe the journey we had, and I would certainly do it all over again! I wish everyone could experience what I did, the journey was beautiful and the result was even more amazing with having my little boy as God intended! Thank you guys sooooo much, I will be singing it on the mountains of what a God send you are! Thank you for making this birth as beautiful as I felt birth should be! My family and I are entirely grateful!!!


Katie B.
Christina was fantastic with my little one! When she was diagnosed with a tongue and lip tie, I contacted Christina after hours on a weekend and she got back to me immediately and scheduled an appointment for revision.

She is a kind and gentle person and took such excellent care of not only my baby but me as well! She is highly qualified and has the best bedside manner. The procedure was done with great care and compassion and it was worth the drive to get such good care! I am so pleased with Christina as a medical professional and a kind soul. I highly recommend Copper Creek!

Julie A.
I found Christina in Spring of 2015 when I knew no one in Kentucky but desperately wanted to make-up for an extremely medicalized first child birth, many years ago, in Washington.

What really attracted me to Christina as a midwife was the time she took to research and explain things to me. I knew that I would be on the more anxious side of things and she delivered the knowledge that I needed to counter that in order to have a fantastic (albeit exhausting) water birth at home! Even when I didn’t, she and my birth team knew exactly when to step in and when to hide out in the other room and let my partner and I do the laboring.

I cannot give her and the Copper Creek Midwifery team enough praise, and we will be calling her again if/when the day comes for another birth!

Rebecca J.