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Relax With The Security Of Your Exclusive Birth Support & Guide

Whether you can’t wait to labor in a warm tub with your next birth or are anticipating needing more medical care due to a pregnancy concern, every family can benefit immensely from labor support with Copper Creek’s professional doulas and maternity nurses. With the busy providers and routine policies of maternity care today, you may be left wondering and worrying who will actually be there for you when your birth day begins. Who will hear your story and provide the personalized support you need in the way your family desires? Worry no further — Copper Creek’s professional doulas and maternity nurses are passionate about listening to your story, being truly present and caring for you every step of your journey.

Select Personalized Care To Meet Your Needs

Once you have Copper Creek on your birth team, you can rest secure because you know you have a birth professional who is exclusivly focused on meeting your individual needs — there are no other distractions or priorities to draw their much needed attention away. No matter how the details of your labor and birth play out you can benefit from a doula for non-clinical labor support. Enjoying Copper Creek labor support may decrease your risk for a surgical birth or Pitocin and decrease your need for pain medication, not to mention their crazy awesome skills at helping you find the best comfort measures during labor and being your personal cheerleader! Our professionals are ready to care for you with our Savvy Doula Package. For families wanting their own nurse during labor or desiring to stay home until active labor is well established, you may benefit from a personal maternity nurse with the clinical skills to monitor your health and that of your baby; once you move to your chosen birthing facility your maternity nurse will continue to provide doula care and comfort measures. If this fits your family’s needs, let us care for you with our Nurtured Maternity Nurse Package. As experienced moms and birth professionals, we know the security and peace that come from having your own birth support constantly available to provide comfort measures and reassure you that things are progressing just as expected. Choose the care package option that best meets your needs or we can personalize a care package just for you. Book your complimentary consult now to guide you in finding the perfect fit with Copper Creek’s professional labor support. We can’t wait to care for you!

Enjoy The Simplicity & Sanity Of Our Comprehensive Care

As specialists in all things pregnancy, birth and beyond, our professional doulas and maternity nurses are all experienced moms too. We know firsthand the advantages of the simplicity of having all your birth, breastfeeding and postpartum needs met through one trusted source! We can’t wait to develop a relationship with your family so we can best meet your needs. You can count on us to be here when you need us after your little one arrives – when it can be wonderful, crazy stressful, confusing and exhilarating all at once. Our extensive postpartum care may be exactly what you need — right when you need it most. We’ve got your needs covered with lactation support, postpartum doula or maternity nursing care and even professional placenta encapsulation services. Whether you are desperate for extra arms to snuggle your baby while you catch a much needed nap, your kitchen needs a little TLC or you need a simple meal prepped to keep you nourished, let us pamper you so that you can nurture your baby and grow your new family roots.

  • Prenatal Visits
  • Childbirth & Breastfeeding Education

  • Labor & Birth Attendance by a Professional Doula

  • Labor & Birth Attendance by a Maternity Nurse

  • Maternity Photography

  • Postpartum Doula Care

  • Placenta Encapsulation Services

  • Postpartum Lactation & IBCLC Support

  • Postpartum Maternity Nursing Care

  • Newborn Photography

What is Copper Creek’s service area for doula & maternity nursing services?2018-12-27T15:04:42-05:00

Copper Creek offers professional labor support services in Central Kentucky. Our service area includes Lexington, Richmond, Berea, Danville, Stanford, Somerset & London. We may be able to accommodate other requests depending on the details — feel free to connect and ask!

How late can I book my Copper Creek doula?2018-12-27T15:35:51-05:00

As we typically have staff on-call 24/7, you can book your Copper Creek professional doula up to 4 hours before you need in person support. However, we recommend booking as soon as you know Copper Creek is the perfect labor support choice for your birth. Early booking ensures you have the widest variety of options available to meet your needs!

How do I meet my Copper Creek doula?2018-12-27T17:53:47-05:00

We understand how important it is to feel assured that you are comfortable with your professional labor support  — birth is such a transformative time in a family’s life. Each of our doulas was hand picked by Christina Scribner, our Certified Nurse-Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, as well as a Maternity Nurse and Doula. (Christina also provides labor support as part of our labor support group at times!) Our CNM provides ongoing training and mentoring to our doulas and each doula shares Copper Creek’s philosophy of birth. You can rest assured knowing your birth goals and desires will be supported. You will have the opportunity to connect with each of our doulas during your pregnancy either through scheduling one of your prenatal visits with her and/or scheduling a doula chat with her. You can find a biography of each doula on our booking page as well!

What does Copper Creek’s Savvy Doula Package include?2018-12-27T17:49:40-05:00

Our professional doulas have put their heads together to design our classic Savvy Doula Package — amazing, comprehensive care that covers your pregnancy, birth & postpartum needs. You and your partner will enjoy:

  • Being mentored by Christina Scribner, our Certified Nurse-Midwife, IBCLC & Doula, who will journey with you through our Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class.
  • Choosing the doula of your choice for your personalized virtual prenatal visits.
  • Resting easy knowing our doulas are at your beck and call when you go in to labor — ready to provide unlimited phone and text support in early labor and then meet you at your birthing hospital when you are ready for unlimited hands on support and comfort measures.
  • Being pampered after your little one is here when one of our doulas will come for a postpartum visit where we pull out all the stops — not only will your doula admire your baby and praise your hard work, but she will assist with breastfeeding and then provide 3 hours of postpartum doula care.
  • Having your needs met and staying connected through phone and email support from our professional doula group throughout your pregnancy and early postpartum.

Are you ready for personalized care? We can’t wait to connect! Book your complimentary labor support consultation to learn more or let us customize a doula support package just for you.

Who will be my Copper Creek doula?2018-12-27T17:48:02-05:00

Copper Creek offers labor support as a doula group to ensure the needs of our birthing families are optimally met, as well as to promote rest and relaxation for our doulas and their families. Clients benefit from 24/7 coverage from within our group as well as built in back up support. We are passionate about personalizing your care and may be able to customize a labor support package that has a primary doula on call for you. Book your complimentary labor support consult to chat with one of doulas about your unique needs!

“We chose Christina for our first VBAC delivery because we wanted an experienced and trained person that could provide more than just the standard doula services. We wanted the peace of mind of heart rate monitoring for baby and the possibility of vaginal exams during labor to ensure we didn’t go to the hospital too soon and that mom and baby were fine. Her knowledge and skill helped both me and my husband to feel at ease during the birth of both our second and third babies.”
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