Enjoy The Comforts & Benefits Of Staying Home

Dreaming of welcoming your baby in the comfort of your own home? Wishing you could have individualized and evidence based care to optimize the health of you and your little one? Look no further – Copper Creek Midwifery can help make your dreams a reality! Take advantage of the benefits associated with planned home birth including fewer cesarean births and medical interventions.

As a home birth family ourselves, we know the benefits of shared decision making, supportive providers and access to comfort measures like laboring (& birthing!) in water. We are passionate about keeping your little one safe where baby belongs – home in your arms.

Relax With The Safety & Security Of Professional Care

Do you have a vision of your best birth? Thinking through the details and wondering about complications and safety? Don’t worry, we’ve got your family covered. Safety is first on our minds too! Although emergencies are much less frequent with healthy moms and babies, they can happen. That’s why we “expect the best, but plan for the worst”. We will cheer the fact that your body was created to nurture and birth your baby, while we lifeguard for the times when things get complicated – after all, that’s exactly why you hire our educated and licensed health professionals.

Explore Our Extensive Safety Measures For Your Home Birth

We pull out all the stops when it comes to being prepared and well equipped to care for your family. You will be expertly attended by our Certified Nurse-Midwife and IBCLC, who is licensed and legally able to attend home births in Kentucky.

Two additional medical support staff will attend for your comfort and safety – that’s a total of 3 providers to care for you! (In the hospital it is usually 1:1 or even 1:2, so 3:1 is exceptional).

Thankfully most safety measures are needed infrequently. However, they are essential to optimize the health and safety of you and your baby if complications arise.

  • Planned home birth only when you are informed and prepared
  • Trained staff who have practiced emergency drills together
  • Emergency transport plan and timely transfer
  • Basic Life Support Provider training to care for you
  • Full Neonatal Resuscitation Training to care for your newborn
  • Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics Program Certification
  • IV supplies and fluids for mom and baby
  • Medications for treating bleeding after the birth
  • Antibiotics for Group Beta Streptococcal (GBS) disease
  • Medical equipment for a full resuscitation
  • Health records that can be transferred immediately
  • Continual labor support even if a transfer occurs
“Christina was the only choice for midwife for my husband and me at the birth of our third child. She is caring and sensitive to the needs of laboring mothers and the fathers. She did this while maintaining a safe, calming and positive experience, allowing us to welcome our third child to our family in the most comfortable and safe environment. We would never consider any other type of birth experience.”
Lexington Mama